Inside This Four-Part Training:

  • A blueprint to define your signature system
  • Where to find students waiting for your course
  • The ideal content for maximizing your revenue
  • Simple strategies for structuring your course
  • How to set the foundation for a real business, not just a one-off launch

Your Investment: $47
Limited Time Special: $37

I Want the Bestselling Course Blueprint

After working with high-profile, super busy people (like Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield and Bo Eason) I know the secret to leveraging your knowledge without burning out.

"There's so much information out there that it's hard to know the series of steps to take. What do you do first? I needed that roadmap and the steps. Gina provides that perfect roadmap. Without her expertise, I would not have known what was the right amount of material to put into the course. She helped me with that so much."

Eve Hanlin

Garden Project Academy

“Gina takes away the overwhelm and the second guessing, so you can move forward with confidence. If you have started your course and stopped many times or are starting from scratch, enroll and Gina will get you across the finish line and you will feel so proud of yourself for finally accomplishing something you have been dreaming about."

Kelly Hilcove

Mindful Yoga for Nurses

Discover How to Build a Course That Converts

This Training Is For You!

You've mastered your area of expertise. You’ve already gotten results from working 1-on-1 with clients or in small groups. You've got students knocking at your door, asking you for more.

But you're ready to think bigger. You want to increase your impact. You want to scale your business—without running yourself into the ground. And you know an online course can help you get there.

So why is your course still in a Google Doc?

That's where I come in…

“Creating an Online Course has been LIFE CHANGING for me! It has given me so much freedom and peace of mind. It is hard to look back and remember how overwhelmed, exhausted and broke I was before this course.”

Blitz the obstacles in your path and start creating your online course, today.

In this 4-part online training, I'll answer four key questions about creating and promoting your online course. You'll discover a clear and simple path to move your online course to completion. No more procrastination:

#1: The Secret Formula to Create A Course That Will Help You Sell Like Hotcakes

(Why the whole world doesn’t need to love your idea—and who does.)

#2: How to Find Customers Who Are Waiting to Give You Their Money

(You don’t need a cast of thousands to get your course off the ground!)

#3: The Simple Framework to Work Out Exactly What to Teach

(There's an easy way to get ideas out of your head and organize them on paper.)

#4: How to Build an Online Course That Will Make You Money for the Long-Term

(A few simple habits can maximize your revenue.)

Here's What You'll Get:

>> Four videos covering the secrets of high-converting online courses, taught by the gal who built successful courses for high-profile, super-busy people

>> Four PDF downloads—action plans that will take your course from Google doc to reality

>> Roadmap to take the next steps to plug and play your bestselling course

All for less than four days of Starbucks lattes.

Start Now for Just $37

“I had all these ideas and could not wait to put this program out there, but I just didn't know where to start or how to put all of the pieces together to create a course.”

On The Fence?

If you've been listening to tons of podcasts, downloading free PDF after free PDF, generating a bunch of ideas, and investing in tech tools for that glorious day when you're finally ready to get this online business thing off the ground–but you still haven't gotten your course close to the finish linethis training is for you.

I'll cut through all the advice, tips, tricks, doubts, confusion, overwhelm, and guilt to give you a clear and easy path toward completion.

You’ll come away with the knowledge and steps you need to take to confidently step up and make that final sprint toward the finish line—
and create a course your audience can’t get enough of.

Hey there Course Creator, I’m Gina Onativia.

As a course creation expert I’ve built online programs and content for some of the biggest names in business including Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield, Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy, Million Dollar Listing LA’s Tracy Tutor and eight-time best-selling author Bo Eason. 

I’ve also helped business owners just like you build online courses that share their unique solutions with their corner of the market, offering expert knowledge in everything from donkey hoof trimming to dating after loss. 

After building hundreds of online courses and working with thousands of business owners, I’ve heard pretty much every excuse/rationale/reason there is for getting stuck—and never having that course you dream of seeing the light of day.

I'm about delivering clarity. Cutting through confusion. Stripping things down to their simplest forms and getting rid of the fluff. I'm about straight talk and tough love because what I am passionate about is helping people move forward and get things done.

It pains me to think that you might keep your unique, life changing idea to yourself because of overwhelm, confusion, doubts, or fears. 

Join me today. Let's make today the first day your online course becomes a reality and not just a dream. 

Grab the Blueprint

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